[Freeswitch-users] mod_voicemail always sends empty emails

Charlie Orford charlie at charlie.is
Sat Jan 19 22:56:38 MSK 2013

Hi list,

Voice mails get correctly saved in 
/usr/local/freeswitch/storage/voicemail/default/domain.com/extnum/  but 
the email sent by mod_voicemail always arrives blank with the wav file 
attachment missing.

To check the problem wasn't mail server related, I setup a simple 
postfix "Local only" installation on the same host as FS.

Here's the entire contents of a voicemail email sent to postfix by FS 
(note: domain.com
is substituted for real domain):

# cat /var/mail/root
 From voicemail at domain.com  Sat Jan 19 17:38:03 2013
Return-Path: <voicemail at domain.com>
X-Original-To: postmaster at fs.domain.com
Delivered-To: postmaster at fs.domain.com
Received: by fs (Postfix, from userid 1001)
         id 9E6AC23E57; Sat, 19 Jan 2013 17:38:03 +0000 (UTC)
Message-Id: <20130119183349.9E6AC23E57 at fs>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 18:33:49 +0000 (UTC)
From: voicemail at angloeuropean.com
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

And here are the voicemail specific config params for the extension:

<param name="vm-password" value="1234"/>
<param name="vm-attach-file" value="true"/>
<param name="vm-mailto" value="postmaster at fs.domain.com"/>
<param name="vm-mailfrom" value="voicemail at domain.com"/>
<param name="vm-email-all-messages" value="true"/>
<param name="vm-message-ext" value="wav"/>
<param name="vm-keep-local-after-email" value="true"/>

/usr/local/freeswitch/conf/voicemail.tpl exists and looks correct 
(contents here: http://pastebin.com/Tr4fvyht )

I took a log (via fsi_cli and /log 7) of a call leaving a voicemail to 
that extension (here: http://pastebin.com/B1zteGV7 ) but nothing jumps out.

Is there anything else I can do to track down what's causing this?

I'm running the latest stable branch on Debian squeeze: FreeSWITCH 
Version (git e04eab7 2012-12-29 


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