[Freeswitch-users] FAX problems

Steven Schoch schoch+freeswitch.org at xwin32.com
Sat Jan 19 04:40:00 MSK 2013

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 6:52 PM, Dave R. Kompel <drk at drkngs.net> wrote:

> **
> Another option would be on the Linux box, enable SPANDSP modems, and use
> com0com on windows to backup com ports to raw TCP connections. It supports
> both. That way it would talk over a TCP pipe to an emulated modem on your
> other FreeSWITCH box.

I just tried that with limited success.  I turned on 2 of the SPANDSP
modems (and figured I had to give the freeswitch account (the user that
runs freeswitch) write permission to the /dev directory so it could create
the symlinks).

I then installed com0com on my Windows 7 box, installed sercd on the FS
server (Linux), and ran hub4com on the Windows box to connect to sercd.

As a result of all that, I can use Putty to connect do the CNCA0 serial
device, and issue AT commands, and it responds like a modem!  I issued an
ATDT <fax number> command and the call came through to the fax machine.
 (This is the FAX machine connected to the POTS line.)

However, when I installed a "Standard 56000 bps Modem" connected to CNCA0,
and attempted to use it to send a FAX from Windows, it said "An unexpected
problem occurred."

To make sure Freeswitch can actually do FAX, I ran
originate sofia/gateway/<gateway name>/<phone number>
where the fax file specified was a TIFF file that I had lying around.  This
was successful.

I'm now considering installing the Windows version of FreeSwitch on the
machine of everybody who needs to send FAXes.  That may take less time and

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