[Freeswitch-users] FS hangs up after 30 seconds by timeout on ACK (after sending 200 OK)

royj royj at yandex.ru
Fri Jan 18 21:13:40 MSK 2013

Although seems like nat issue (I think), would be interesting to see log with 'fsctl loglevel debug', 'sofia global siptrace on'

On Fri, 18 Jan 2013 17:38:55 +0400
Алексей Дорофеев <leshadorofeev at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, all!
> I have two sip profiles: profile_spb and profile_msk for one gateway. I
> assign sip port 5060 for profile_spb and port 5070 for profile_msk.
> FS has successfully registered two users with distinct usernames: num_spb
> and num_msk on the gateway. By the way, field "Contact" in message REGISTER
> has normal port number - 5060 and 5070 accordingly.
> When someone calls to num_spb, it shoot to port 5060 and all works well.
> When someone calls to num_msk, it shoot to port 5070. Call is received, but
> is rejected after 30 seconds by timeout (not received ACK on 200 OK). I
> think it's because FS sends 200 OK with port number = 0 in field Contact.
> All another headers are good (it seems).
> Does someone know how to say FS to use correct port number in field Contact
> in 200 OK?
> Does someone has another version?
> Thanks a lot!


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