[Freeswitch-users] ZRTP error on call setup when dialling client uses ZRTP

Ben ben122uk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 13:36:08 MSK 2013

Hi all,


My server is running the latest git stable build of Freeswitch, all config
is default and server/clients are on simple LAN setup.  I'm having an issue
when using ZRTP on one client only, specifically the dialling client.


The calling device has ZRTP enabled, and the called device does not.  In
this scenario, the FS server should act as a man in the middle and exchange
keys with the calling device.  This results in the A leg being encrypted and
the B leg un-encrypted.  However as soon as the key exchange initiates, the
A client errors and tears down the call.  What's strange is that when I
initiate the call from the non-zrtp client to the zrtp client, the keys
exchange fine between server and client A, and 2-way audio is present.  So
it's only when it's the dialling handset do I have the problem.


I've then gone on and tested the same thing on the latest git, and the
problem goes away.  So my question is, can anyone advise on what
changes/patches have been applied to the latest git that has resolved this
issue?  I've tried to search the git tree, but I'll be honest I'm a bit
unfamiliar with how it works and I'm not sure that I'm searching properly.


The ZRTP device is an iPhone running Groundwire, and it doesn't seem to
matter what codec I use.


Thanks for the help!



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