[Freeswitch-users] Delay Round Two...FIGHT!

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Mon Jan 14 18:29:02 MSK 2013

I had this EXACT problem on a single (or maybe dual??) core, single CPU FS
box.  I upgraded to QUAD core system and the problem went away immediately.
Mine was not on every call, but if there were just a few concurrent calls it
would happen.  That is what led me to the "lack of resources" conclusion.
In my case you could see in the FS log a 5 second or longer delay in the
actual connection of the RTP.


I have seen people give stats about FS handling thousands of calls per
second.  I have often wondered if they checked to see how long it took to
actually connect the RTP channels in those tests.  I am highly skeptical.
But I have no issues on a single QUAD core system.


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Ok everyone, hope your new years went wonderful! So here is the situation
again. THE DELAY IS BACK! I have wiped FS and installed the latest git head
and the delay is still present. I want to eliminate all FS options that
could fix it before I call AT&T. Any help is appreciated! Person from
outside the school calls, secretary answers, secretary hears they person
saying hello, secretary says hello over and over again for 10 seconds. Then
the B-Leg audio finally is heard by the A-LEG. Note* The B-Leg (secretary)
can hear the A-leg talking the whole time. Just the A-Leg cannot hear the
(secretary) B-Leg until about 7-13 seconds has passed. I see nothing in the
FS log after the audio from the B-Leg finally traverses to the A-Leg. Please
help our school fellow FS users!





Blakelund Priddy

Network Systems Engineer
Bryant Public School District
Bryant, Arkansas 72022
 <http://www.bryantschools.org/> http://www.bryantschools.org

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