[Freeswitch-users] LUKE: I'm hit, but not bad - thread failure

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Fri Jan 11 04:44:49 MSK 2013

Thought this might be helpful -

switch_core_session.c:1655 Thread Failure!

That's the actual error with the line of code.

Tim St. Pierre wrote:
> Okay, so I have a bit more detail, and my first post hasn't posted yet.
> FreeSWITCH Version 1.3.13b+git~20121230T190855Z~8859eb0b23 (git 8859eb0 2012-12-30 19:08:55Z
> I start getting thread_failures several times per second.  It was so many entries that the 
> logs started turning over at about 10 minute intervals.
> A few minutes later, I get the above quotes from Star Wars.
> After an hour and a half of no phone service, someone finds my pager number and I take a look.
> Our alarms didn't go off, because Freeswitch would still respond to sockets, and it was 
> still acknowledging SIP messages to a certain degree.
> fs_cli times out.
> Freeswitch is using 96% CPU and around 900MB of RAM.  Earlier today, it was 500MB, but I 
> have seen it higher than that before.  I have never seen it use more than 10% CPU on our 
> little dual core Xeon machine.  I probably should get more cores, but it has never gone 
> past 10% CPU usage.
> So I kill -9 Freeswitch, wait a few seconds, and start it up again.  Everything comes back 
> after the phones re-register, but I would really like to know why, and how to prevent it 
> from happening again.
> This isn't an especially high call volume night, and I looked through the logs - it 
> started just after a new session was created for an outgoing call.  Nothing unusual about 
> it.  For a while after, I could still see SIP registrations in the logs, but there weren't 
> any SIP registrations in the database.  The process to delete the expired ones seems to 
> have been working, but not the process to update them.
> This is essentially a forensic investigation at this point, but I wouldn't mind some 
> suggestions as to what I should watch out for.
> -Tim
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