[Freeswitch-users] Ken's Monday Notes: Jira, and , ZRTP updated in FreeSWITCH

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Tue Feb 12 00:26:36 MSK 2013

Hey Guys,

Doing a little Clean up on Jira, I¹ve been going thru stale bugs and trying
to clean some of them out, (note I am looking at bug tickets not other
Thanks to you who have already responded, for those who have not responded,
if you have an open ticket, and one of the FS developers has asked for more
information, testing etc, please follow up on the ticket.

If you don¹t follow up in a reasonable amount of time, we will poke you for
a follow up. At that point, if you don¹t follow up we will close the bug due
to inactivity as we cant confirm the current status. This will free up the
developers to move on to active issues.

If you are not the original reporter and its a ticket you are monitoring and
have valid information please chime in. We want to squash the bugs, but we
need your help to make sure they are dead!

Big thanks to PRZ and mr Travis Cross on some updated ZRTP support.

TC posted to the an open ticket today the following

³I convinced Phil to relicense the elliptic curve (ECC) code. I've already
pushed this code to the libzrtp upstream repository, and I have a series of
FS commits ready to push that will add this code to FS's libzrtp along with
numerous other fixes and improvements that have occurred upstream.

After this commit series is pushed, however, everyone who has ZRTP enabled
in their build is going to need to re-bootstrap because of changes to the
way libzrtp is built. Therefore Ken and I are coordinating on when to push

I've tested with CSipSimple against a copy of FS running this patch and EC25
was successfully negotiated.²

These patches have now been pushed, if you arent using ZRTP you wont notice
a change, but if you are using ZRTP, you¹ll want to pull, and rebuild
starting with a new bootstrap and configure... Let us know how this is

So far it is good!

Have a great week! Don¹t forget to join us on Wed for the regular weekly
call, and join us on Friday for the Free For All. Mr Collins will be sending
out his Weekly Update sooner or later with more information on these.


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