[Freeswitch-users] Enter and exit sound in a conference with wait-mod flag

Emrah lists at kavun.ch
Mon Sep 10 19:17:43 MSD 2012

Morning guys,

I noticed something that sounds inconsistent and would appreciate if you could confirm it.
I have a conference profile with the wait-mod flag set on.
Upon entering the conference as a user, the MOH stops for current participants, the enter sound is played and MOH resumes. This is more or less a 1 second pause.
However, when I exit the call as a user, the exit sound is played mixed with the MOH with no pause whatsoever.

How can we manage the pause there?

I would ideally want to be able to pause / resume the MOH in a conference in order to allow the enter / exit sound played along with the name of the caller, without the distraction of the MOH. I announce callers when they enter and exit the conference. 

Any good hints would be appreciated.


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