[Freeswitch-users] Best database setup for high volume

Andy Ayers andy at fabulous4.co.uk
Wed May 23 21:36:04 MSD 2012

Many thanks for your reply Avi, that's very helpful.


I've disabled the sql scoreboard and presence and all seems to be ok so
those should help.


My traffic consists of relatively high volumes of incoming and outgoing
calls but all one sided. i.e. It's the switch taking the caller through an
ivr 'form' so there are no 2-way calls, no bridging, forwarding or directing
of calls at all. The only time multiple callers are involved is when we use
it for conferencing which is only small scale at the moment.


It's the database corruption issue I'm really interested in solving so I'd
like to get the odbc connection working if possible. Any info you can
provide on how you got that to work would be greatly appreciated. Like I say
I hit 2 problems:


Firstly on load freeswitch complains that it can't run multiple statements.
I've tried everything that's recommended in the MyOdbc docs including
setting the options in odbc.ini but still get the error. Some posts talk
about needing to use to _r version of the driver but I don't have that on my
system. I'm running Debian if that's significant.

The second issue was a message popping up in the logs every few seconds
saying: Error in my_thread_global_end() nn threads didn't exit.

Did you encounter either of these problems or find ways round them?


Once again many thanks for any help.





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Is your issue the CDRs & Voicemail or session count, current calls, recovery

You can make sure track-calls is off... 

-nosql                 -- disable internal sql scoreboard

I'm not sure if that kills presence or not.


Disable presence if you don't need it - it's a real usage hog.


I have odbc to mysql but I made calls,channels,sip_dialogs,
sip_subscriptions, etc into memory tables a few months ago.


(I left sip_registrations as non-memory for persistence of a sort)




On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 11:29 AM, Andy Ayers <andy at fabulous4.co.uk> wrote:



Can anyone tell me what the best database setup is for dealing with high
call volumes?


The background:


I've been running with the standard SQLite system for about 3 years without
issue but recently am getting a lot of database corruption errors ('database
disk image is malformed'). Easily solved by deleting the db and restarting
but on occasion it brings my switch down.


I've tried upgrading to odbc and mysql but hit 2 problems:



Error in my_thread_global_end()


Both of which are mentioned in the user groups but not with any solutions
that worked.


I've just upgraded to version 1.2 so this may solve the corruption problems
but would really like to get my system set up to handle as much traffic as


Any advice or suggestions much appreciated.


Kind regards



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