[Freeswitch-users] Spandsp mulated modems inbound/no /dev/FS* device?

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Tue May 22 00:13:03 MSD 2012

On 21/05/12 20:28, Ken Rice wrote:
> On 5/21/12 2:15 PM, "Alex Crow"<acrow at integrafin.co.uk>  wrote:
>> Also I have the problem that unless FreeSWITCH is run as root, the
>> device nodes are not created.
>> Unless in the last few weeks some docs have been updated on this, I'm
>> still stuck with T38modem.
> If freeswitch running as root and not running as root doesn't work, this
> should tell you that you have a permissions issue... The FreeSWITCH
> developers fixing your systems perms issues is beyond the scope of the
> FreeSWITCH project...
> Otherwise, the FreeSWITCH modems basically work just like t38modem... The
> only setting is how many of them to create then the only other settings is
> configuring your platform to properly allow freeswitch (or the user that
> freeswitch is running as) create those devices then configure hylafax to use
> them as normal.
> The steps to do this can vary from platform to platform (or even versions of
> the platform. For example how you do this on centos5 is not how you do this
> on centos6 due to changes in the platform.)
> K


I respectfully disagree with the "like t38modem" bit of this. With 
t38modem, you create a set of t38modem devices which actually register 
against FreeSWITCH and therefore appear as registered endpoints, so it's 
easy to route calls to them (ie transfer to "t38modem0 default XML"). 
When I did run FS as root, despite the device nodes being created, I saw 
no endpoint registrations for the softmodems, nor did I find any 
documentation saying that these endpoints may be addressed as, for 
instance "spandsp/FSx".

I am also used to writing udev rules, but I can't find anything that 
allows a non-root uid/gid user to create device nodes for a device 
provided by a userspace program.

It'd be great to avoid T38modem, and I've asked these questions before, 

1) Does anyone have any examples on any platform of tweaking udev to 
allow FreeSWITCH to create device nodes at startup when running as, say, 
user freeswitch or user www-data (without making the primary group of 
said users "root" or setting setuid root on the executable). I am not 
prepared to take the risk of running as either effective uid or gid 0. 
Please share if so. I'm running on debian stable.

2) How does one direct an incoming call, say, from FreeTDM or a SIP/ISDN 
gateway to one of the softmodems. I cannot find this in the docs.

If we can divorce these questions from any association with another 
user's questions on this list that's fine. I've tried to help that 
person as much as I can out of my own good nature.



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