[Freeswitch-users] Subscribe for MWI

Spencer Thomason spencer at 5ninesolutions.com
Tue May 15 01:43:49 MSD 2012

I'm working on setting up FreeSWITCH as a media server behind Kamailio.  All endpoints register to Kamailio and SUBSCRIBEs are forwarded to FreeSWITCH for MWI.  FreeSWITCH is unaware of any registrations.  When an endpoint has an active subscription and a new message is left, the NOTIFY is sent and everything works correctly.  The problem arises when there is no subscription and a message is left.  In this case when the endpoint creates an active subscription after the message, there is no NOTIFY sent.  The there a way I can send NOTIFYs upon creation of a subscription if a message exists?  Is there a better way to accomplish this?  I'd like to avoid forwarding REGISTERs if possible.


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