[Freeswitch-users] error/NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION while define groupserror/NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION

Samira Mh saami_mh at ymail.com
Tue May 8 07:44:06 MSD 2012

thanks alot for your help
i put the entire of the default.xml on http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/19008 , i am sure all of the settings are correctly..
sorry but i don't understand how to copied and pasted my stuff into your default.xml file 
and hit F6 ? how can i do that?
 From: Michael Collins <msc at freeswitch.org>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 12:41 AM
Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] error/NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION while define groupserror/NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION

Most likely the configuration did not make it into the right part of the XML tree. Can you put your entire default.xml file on pastebin.freeswitch.org? We should be able to help you figure it out. FYI, copied and pasted your stuff right into my default.xml file and it worked like a champ. All I did was paste it in, save the file, and hit F6 at fs_cli and it worked just fine:

freeswitch at default> group_call custom
[sip_invite_domain=,presence_id=1005 at]error/user_not_registered,[sip_invite_domain=,presence_id=1006 at]error/user_not_registered
freeswitch at default>


On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 5:15 AM, Samira Mh <saami_mh at ymail.com> wrote:

>i have defined the group named: "custom" in the below path as follow :
> <group name="custom">
>        <users>
>          <user id="1005" type="pointer"/>
>          <user id="1006" type="pointer"/>
>        </users>
>      </group>
>then issue "reloadxml"  and run the comand: group_call  custom
>but i come accross with the following error:
>please help,all configs are defined correctly , but i couldn't define the "custom" group on freeswitch
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