[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH panel - web utility update

Valery Kalinin valery.kalinin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 09:00:00 MSK 2012

Hi all!

I update my "FreeSWITCH panel" online web utility.

Screenshot & help:

This application allows you to view and control online in web browser:
- SIP registered subscribers
- Sofia status
	profile commands:
	- rescan
	- restart
	- flush registered endpoints
	- flush and reboot registered endpoints
	gateway commands:
	- kill
- current channels/calls/detailed_calls
	- hangup call
- conferences
	- lock/unlock
	- pin/no pin
	- dial
	- dtmf
	conference member:
	- defa/undeaf
	- mute/unmute
	- hup
	- kick
	- transfer to
	- volume in/out
	- energy level
- FreeTDM channels
	- span start/stop
	- chan info
It is also possible simple Freeswitch management:
	- sofia status
	- reloadxml
	- reloadacl
	- status
	- version
You can select the display fields.
All settings are stored in a cookies.

Site here: https://sites.google.com/site/freeswitched/home
git: https://github.com/Slonik/FreeSWITCH-panel

Tests and features are welcome.

Short install instructions:
Upload files to your web-server with PHP support.
Check modules.conf and event_socket.conf for enable module mod_event_socket
Change variables if needed in fscontrol.php file:
	$FreeSWITCHserver = '';		// event_socket.xml param: listen-ip
	$FreeSWITCHport = 8021;			// event_socket.xml param: listen-port
	$FreeSWITCHpassword = 'xexexe';		// event_socket.xml param: password
	$SofiaProfiles = array('internal');		// write empty array if not used: array();
	$FreeTDMspans = array('pri');			// write empty array if not used: array();
	$disableXML = false;				// You can disable retrieve XML data if error
messages received
Enter in browser http://you-server-name/fspanel.html
Click on menu item "settings" for choice items.


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