[Freeswitch-users] Call recording quality problems when both legs have different codecs

Jayesh Nambiar jayesh.voip at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 14:55:07 MSD 2012

I am using mod_callcenter and have enabled recording_template in my queues
for all my calls to be recorded. Now there is a problem in quality of
recorded file when freeswitch answers the call in one codec and connects
with the agent on a different codec.
For eg: The incoming call comes in and get connected with G711u codec. The
caller is listening to MoH while waiting in queue. The agents have G722,
G711u both enabled on their phones and the sofia has outbound-codec-prefs
as G722,PCMU. So when the agent answers, the call is connected with G722
So in this case, the recorded file generated plays as if the call is
getting fast-forwarded. The audio in the call is very fast. Whereas if I
change the codec of Agent's phone to G711u only the recorded file quality
is perfect. I don't think it is related to callcenter module anywhere but
since I am using it in callcenter I have given this example. I think its
more related to the record function.
I am running latest GIT version and using mod_shout for recording calls in
mp3 format. I had the same problems when recording in wav format also. Any
help regarding this is really appreciated. I have attached two files; one
which has PCMu on first leg and 722 on other and the second one has PCMu on
both legs.

Thanks in advance.

--- Jayesh
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