[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch as a gateway with cdr lookup

thomas peterseil thomas.ji at gmx.at
Wed Sep 7 21:03:33 MSD 2011

Hello FreeSWITCH-Users,

I am running a PBX with a GSM Gateway and i have problems with incoming calls on the GSM Gateway. I am wondering, if there is an "easy" possibility to solve it with FreeSwitch. Here is the problem:

Extension 1000 calls the mobile phone 1234, but on the display of the mobile is the number 987 (i can´t modify this number, it´s the number of the GSM Gateway) and nobody picks up the call. later the mobile number 1234 calls back the number 987, but the GSM Gateway has no idea who has called the 1234, so there is no way of routing the call back to the extension 1000.

Is there a possibility to put a FS between my PBX and the GSM Gateway, so when a call from the GSM Gateway comes in, FS makes a lookup in the CDR to check, which extension called this mobile number last time and then FS should route the call to the right extension.

Is it possible to realize that with FS and if yes, is that very difficult?

Thanks in advanced for any help and suggestions.

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