[Freeswitch-users] bridging calls from different sofia profiles

Julien Chavanton jchavanton at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 21:44:00 MSK 2011

Hi, I have audio problems when bridging calls from different sofia profiles.
I use 2 profiles in order to connect softphone through a VPN to avoid NAT
One profile is sending/listening on a private IP (for softphone) and the
other profile is using a public IP (for external PSTN gateways)

I have tested with X-lite and Ekiga and I face different one way audio with
With X-lite the audio received from the private IP is not forwarded
While with Ekiga the audio from the public IP profile is not forwarded

I have traced SIP and RTP and the signaling looks good. RTP is received by
FS on the correct socket but not forwarded.

I understand I do not provide enough information to diagnostic, but maybe I
could get input on how to  diagnostic RTP socket etc. in this scenario ?
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