[Freeswitch-users] Linksys PAP2-T and echo

Darcy darcy at primrose.ws
Mon Oct 31 18:26:22 MSK 2011

on your pap2t web interface, go to voice, advanced, select the line, the 
settings below will allow you to play with echo cancellation.  However, you 
also need to go the the regional tab in voice and play with the fxs input 
and output gains, the voice gain on the pap2t or any linksys gateway, will 
impact the echo on the line.  This is most likely where your problem is. 
You might not be able to cure the echo on every call, but you should be able 
to make it acceptable.


Audio Configuration
Preferred Codec:        Second Preferred Codec:
Third Preferred Codec:        Use Pref Codec Only:
Silence Supp Enable:        Silence Threshold:
G729a Enable:        Echo Canc Enable:
G723 Enable:        Echo Canc Adapt Enable:
G726-16 Enable:        Echo Supp Enable:
G726-24 Enable:        FAX CED Detect Enable:
G726-32 Enable:        FAX CNG Detect Enable:
G726-40 Enable:        FAX Passthru Codec:
DTMF Process INFO:        FAX Codec Symmetric:
DTMF Process AVT:        FAX Passthru Method:
DTMF Tx Method:        DTMF Tx Mode:
DTMF Tx Strict Hold Off Time:        FAX Process NSE:
Hook Flash Tx Method:        FAX Disable ECAN:
Release Unused Codec:        FAX Enable T38:
FAX T38 Redundancy:        FAX Tone Detect Mode:

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On 10/31/2011 10:58 PM, Boris Kovalenko wrote:
> Hello!
>       I'm wondering if it is possible to solve echo with Linksys PAP2-T
> devices. Does anybody here uses it? I read many articles and still can't
> understand how to eleminate echo :( I read
> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+echo+cancellation and found
> that Asterisk has its own EC. Does Freeswitch has it too? I found this
> article http://docs.freeswitch.org/echo_can_page.html but can't
> understand - has Freeswitch EC or not? If yes - how to turn it on and off?
Neither Asterisk or Freeswitch will echo cancel your PAP2T. Echo
cancellation over IP is very problematic, and hardly ever attempted. The
PAP2T should be echo cancelling for itself, and they usually do a fairly
good job of this. I don't think it is configurable. Its always on.


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