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Chad, you are welcome to share your code
welcome to FS community ! :)

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> Anthony,
> I am sure everyone really appreciates what you have done to contribute 
> such
> an excellent program to VoIP community. People like Linux Torvalds, and
> including you, are what I considered a hero with a big heart to support
> open-source community. Without them, the world will be different today. It
> would probably be an M$ dominated world.
> I guess what I tried to say here is it really is very disturbing to see 
> your
> comments below. The least you could have done to show our community was a
> positive acceptance to embrace someone's effort to legitimately port FS to
> other platforms in other programming languages. If Chad wanted to hi-jack
> FS, I don't suppose he would even dare to represent himself here. BTw, can
> you imagine if Linus Torvalds behaves like this?
> I hope you don't take my comments in a negative direction. However, like
> anyone who reads your comments below, I won't be surprised if you decide 
> to
> head in a negative direction to flame my comments. Regardless, I sincerely
> wish you the best to come, especially with the contribution from Chad.
> Anthony Minessale wrote:
>> One thing that is disturbing is that after all the time and effort I put
>> into making FreeSWITCH cross platform, the very idea of such an 
>> initiative
>> wipes all that out in favor of one platform.  So even if you are willing
>> to
>> share it, and it's not B.S. its bothersome to me that:
>> 1) I spent 6 years making it work everywhere and you aim to put all your
>> extended efforts into steering it to a separate version
>> 2) Making it use less open source libs is not really a good thing since
>> its
>> an open source project.
>> 3) You did not propose anything to us first, that's a bit disrespectful.
>> I think about everybody who uses FreeSWITCH when I make decisions, and
>> this
>> just feels selfish to me, (probably not for windows users)  but hey....
>> On the other hand, Henry has a great point, that looks like a pretty big
>> list of changes to do in a few weeks considering you were only asking
>> trivial newbie questions as recently as sept 18th and your website is the
>> generic IIS document root.   I would be pretty concerned about vishing if
>> I
>> were a reader of this post.
>> I guess seeing is believing and if you are legit our windows-friendly
>> developers will let me know.
>> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Chad Vogel &lt;cvogel@&gt; wrote:
>>>  Hello,
>>> I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from everyone because my
>>> company started a project using FS as base several weeks ago, our goal
>>> was
>>> to optimize and integrate FS more directly into Windows environments.
>>> Here
>>> is my question, we would like to share our changes and where should we
>>> host
>>> our project? Because we understand our build breaks compatibility with
>>> the
>>> UNIX environments and fails to meet the objectives cross platform
>>> compatibility, however it could contribute greatly and be beneficial to
>>> other windows users.
>>> Here are some of the changes we have made:
>>>    - We converted FS core to C++ and having it compiling to .NET 4.0 CLI
>>>    - FS now runs inside its own namespace
>>>    - We replace FS_CLI with a PowerShell shell app
>>>    - Supports SQL Server support via the Native SQL Server Client API
>>>    - Support for windows clustering (up to 32 node active/active 
>>> cluster)
>>>    - Ties more directly into the Win32 API and has less reliance on open
>>>    source Libs
>>>    - Replaces OpenSSL sockets with Windows encrypted sockets
>>>    - Added windows performance monitoring
>>>    - No longer need to use mod_managed for managed modules
>>>    - Memory management relies on .Net garbage collection
>>>    - Added support for Microsoft Speech
>>>    - VoiceXML 3.0 and SCXML support
>>>    - No longer supports JS, LUA, PHP development - Modules can be only
>>>    developed in .NET, C or C++( we feel support for other languages can
>>> be
>>>    added back in but falls outside the scope of our objectives at this
>>> time,
>>>    support for SCXML should make limit the need for other scripting
>>> languages)
>>>    - Fixed RTP clock timing issues in virtualized environments
>>>    - New configuration file format using .Net App Configuration files
>>>    (kind of looks like an IIS config file)
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