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So, because he asked about how the community would like him to host his code, then defended the attacks on him for offering to share code, he's a spammer?

I cannot fathom the benefit to the FS community to being rude to a potential contributor. At worst, I'd expect a "Well, that sounds pretty unbelievable, and it doesn't sound like it lines up with the FS project goals, but why not share your code and motivations and we'll go from there." No need to shoot someone down without evaluating properly.

So far, he's done nothing of the sort to deserve such treatment.


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My opinion is, with this kind of email, it even doesn't need to answer,
if this guy was a bit serious he will contact directly FS team, not a FS user list.
it can considered as spam...
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I think Anthony Minessale's main point - since he is the creator of FS - is that he spent a lot of effort making FS cross-platform, and as such, it would seem the bulk of your effort was directly counter to this intention. (The same for using open source libs.)

It seems most of the community runs on *nix of some sort, but the folks that do run on windows do report some very high performance.. I don't know C, C++, C#/.net to really understand why you made the decision you did to make these changes, but I believe that was the point of ESL and all the mod_managed, mod_python, mod_lua, etc were made - to let you use nearly any language to control what FS is doing, while enabling the core of FS to run in native C to benefit from a code-base that be the same for any platform.
That's why Michael asked "What did you gain by doing this work?"

The community welcomes.. no, begs, for contributions but the the scale of pushing into native windows code seems counter to the project's goals of being universal (while maintaining performance and program-ability), hence Anthony feeling bothered..


On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 7:58 PM, Chad Vogel <cvogel at lyonl.com<mailto:cvogel at lyonl.com>> wrote:
I'm thinking people are missing we are willing to share some of our code that we are developing back to the community that we developed for ourselves. We are not trying to change FS to a windows only platform. From the comments being posted I can see that my plans of sharing the code that my developers worked on isn't being well received and freaky I don't understand why - The community is always asking for people to share their code and I'm willing to share our code so others can use the VoiceXML/SCXML code to integrate into the main line also there may be some befits to our other changes for the main project.

As for the comment it being disrespectful developing our own branch for our business, there has been countless other companies that have done the same thing on other open source projects - for example Facebook has contributed code to other project in the same way and they did what is the best interest for their own needs - even this has led to benefits to open source projects. Also we are a for profit company and we did the changes that are best for our overall business and shrinking over all foot print of project was a befit to us so we didn't need to continue managing/converting code that is native to .Net and for converting to the CRL it business decision to decrees code of our future development - also in the current market it's easier to find good .Net developers then a good C++ developers, in about weeks' time we can have a C# developer writing C++/CLR.

Understand I'm the owner of the company and I spent my money on developing this code, for our use. I invested/paid for over 480 development hours on the rewrite FS to CLR and integration of our VoiceXML/SCXML code, my intentions are to make an offering to compete with Microsoft Lync that is open source but not open to contributions, it will patched and supported by my team - like trixbox. Our core will remain FREE but our modules will be licensed!  With this said I feel we have obligation to offer some of our source back to this project and help with integration if parts are chosen to be included into the FS base. Also to get a better understanding on what my people have been working on and to make our plans for our future I tried to install and learn about FS without help of my developers. Frankly I personally didn't do the development of our FS CLR rewrite, I only helped developed the base code that we used to add VoiceXML/SCXML to FS - the VoiceXML/SCXML code was from our own switch application but I discontinued the project in favor to using FS as a base.

I originally asked where should we post our project so we could make convenient for the community access our changes and I only posted the details so others could see that our changes aren't appropriate for the main line and see they may have some benefit. I'm starting to feel it maybe be the best option to release the code from our site like trixbox is doing with their asterisk code. Again, I'm not trying to impact FS in a negative way, I'm try to give back some of what we developed.

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One thing that is disturbing is that after all the time and effort I put into making FreeSWITCH cross platform, the very idea of such an initiative wipes all that out in favor of one platform.  So even if you are willing to share it, and it's not B.S. its bothersome to me that:

1) I spent 6 years making it work everywhere and you aim to put all your extended efforts into steering it to a separate version
2) Making it use less open source libs is not really a good thing since its an open source project.
3) You did not propose anything to us first, that's a bit disrespectful.

I think about everybody who uses FreeSWITCH when I make decisions, and this just feels selfish to me, (probably not for windows users)  but hey....

On the other hand, Henry has a great point, that looks like a pretty big list of changes to do in a few weeks considering you were only asking trivial newbie questions as recently as sept 18th and your website is the generic IIS document root.   I would be pretty concerned about vishing if I were a reader of this post.

I guess seeing is believing and if you are legit our windows-friendly developers will let me know.

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Chad Vogel <cvogel at lyonl.com<mailto:cvogel at lyonl.com>> wrote:


I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from everyone because my company started a project using FS as base several weeks ago, our goal was to optimize and integrate FS more directly into Windows environments. Here is my question, we would like to share our changes and where should we host our project? Because we understand our build breaks compatibility with the UNIX environments and fails to meet the objectives cross platform compatibility, however it could contribute greatly and be beneficial to other windows users.

Here are some of the changes we have made:

 *   We converted FS core to C++ and having it compiling to .NET 4.0 CLI
 *   FS now runs inside its own namespace
 *   We replace FS_CLI with a PowerShell shell app
 *   Supports SQL Server support via the Native SQL Server Client API
 *   Support for windows clustering (up to 32 node active/active cluster)
 *   Ties more directly into the Win32 API and has less reliance on open source Libs
 *   Replaces OpenSSL sockets with Windows encrypted sockets
 *   Added windows performance monitoring
 *   No longer need to use mod_managed for managed modules
 *   Memory management relies on .Net garbage collection
 *   Added support for Microsoft Speech
 *   VoiceXML 3.0 and SCXML support
 *   No longer supports JS, LUA, PHP development - Modules can be only developed in .NET, C or C++( we feel support for other languages can be added back in but falls outside the scope of our objectives at this time, support for SCXML should make limit the need for other scripting languages)
 *   Fixed RTP clock timing issues in virtualized environments
 *   New configuration file format using .Net App Configuration files (kind of looks like an IIS config file)

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