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John freeswitch at earthspike.net
Sun Oct 30 01:14:41 MSD 2011

On 29/10/11 21:10, Jean-Yves F. Barbier wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Oct 2011 20:25:48 +0200
> Avi Marcus<avi at avimarcus.net>  wrote:
> ...
>> It seems most of the community runs on *nix of some sort, but the folks
>> that do run on windows do report some very high performance.. I don't know
>> C, C++, C#/.net to really understand why you made the decision you did to
>> make these changes, but I believe that was the point of ESL and all the
>> mod_managed, mod_python, mod_lua, etc were made - to let you use nearly any
>> language to control what FS is doing, while enabling the core of FS to run
>> in native C to benefit from a code-base that be the same for any platform.
>> That's why Michael asked "What did you gain by doing this work?"
> ...
> I planned to rewrite it 6502 assembly language, but stepped back because
> I feared an Apple patent infringing :p
I've had my 6809 port running for a month now.  First SIP session nearly 
set up!  6502 is likely to see some performance issues. ;)


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