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Chad Vogel cvogel at lyonl.com
Sat Oct 29 02:58:37 MSD 2011

Brian, I will submit up in the next few days after we fix a small issue we found tonight, hopefully it will be in the Jira first part of next week. BTW - I know when we enabled the CLR and converting to managed code we needed change pointers, replace new with gcnew and we also went header less. The other big code changes are related to not using libs, we are now using .Net regex, XML and SqlClient. Also in our next phase we will be profiling the code, seeing if there are any optimization we can do and adding XML documentation.

On Oct 28, 2011, at 2:32 PM, Brian West wrote:

I would start by posting all your changes back on Jira and let us see what all is done and make an assessment of how to integrate it all... chances are you didn't break as much as you think.....


On Oct 28, 2011, at 1:55 PM, Chad Vogel wrote:


I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from everyone because my company started a project using FS as base several weeks ago, our goal was to optimize and integrate FS more directly into Windows environments. Here is my question, we would like to share our changes and where should we host our project? Because we understand our build breaks compatibility with the UNIX environments and fails to meet the objectives cross platform compatibility, however it could contribute greatly and be beneficial to other windows users.

Here are some of the changes we have made:

 *   We converted FS core to C++ and having it compiling to .NET 4.0 CLI
 *   FS now runs inside its own namespace
 *   We replace FS_CLI with a PowerShell shell app
 *   Supports SQL Server support via the Native SQL Server Client API
 *   Support for windows clustering (up to 32 node active/active cluster)
 *   Ties more directly into the Win32 API and has less reliance on open source Libs
 *   Replaces OpenSSL sockets with Windows encrypted sockets
 *   Added windows performance monitoring
 *   No longer need to use mod_managed for managed modules
 *   Memory management relies on .Net garbage collection
 *   Added support for Microsoft Speech
 *   VoiceXML 3.0 and SCXML support
 *   No longer supports JS, LUA, PHP development - Modules can be only developed in .NET, C or C++( we feel support for other languages can be added back in but falls outside the scope of our objectives at this time, support for SCXML should make limit the need for other scripting languages)
 *   Fixed RTP clock timing issues in virtualized environments
 *   New configuration file format using .Net App Configuration files (kind of looks like an IIS config file)

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