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Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Fri Oct 28 23:19:05 MSD 2011

So you are forking the project and then asking the rest of us to help you
with that fork?

On 10/28/11 1:55 PM, "Chad Vogel" <cvogel at lyonl.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from everyone because my company
> started a project using FS as base several weeks ago, our goal was to optimize
> and integrate FS more directly into Windows environments. Here is my question,
> we would like to share our changes and where should we host our project?
> Because we understand our build breaks compatibility with the UNIX
> environments and fails to meet the objectives cross platform compatibility,
> however it could contribute greatly and be beneficial to other windows users.
> Here are some of the changes we have made:
> * We converted FS core to C++ and having it compiling to .NET 4.0 CLI
> * FS now runs inside its own namespace
> * We replace FS_CLI with a PowerShell shell app
> * Supports SQL Server support via the Native SQL Server Client API
> * Support for windows clustering (up to 32 node active/active cluster)
> * Ties more directly into the Win32 API and has less reliance on open source
> Libs 
> * Replaces OpenSSL sockets with Windows encrypted sockets
> * Added windows performance monitoring
> * No longer need to use mod_managed for managed modules
> * Memory management relies on .Net garbage collection
> * Added support for Microsoft Speech
> * VoiceXML 3.0 and SCXML support
> * No longer supports JS, LUA, PHP development - Modules can be only developed
> in .NET, C or C++( we feel support for other languages can be added back in
> but falls outside the scope of our objectives at this time, support for SCXML
> should make limit the need for other scripting languages)
> * Fixed RTP clock timing issues in virtualized environments
> * New configuration file format using .Net App Configuration files (kind of
> looks like an IIS config file)
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