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Fri Oct 28 04:47:19 MSD 2011

ha there's a nice explanation of Anthony later...


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  To MC,

  in this thread

  if I understand what you explain does it mena that we can't have the b-leg bridge status
  while a-leg is answered by FS itself ?

  maybe that's my prob.. I'm trying to use bind_dgit_action to redirect to an Ivr with the option
  "call a number" so yes the a-leg is already answered....

  So todayno way to get the b-leg bridge status if a-leg did not hang up ?

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    Subject: originate_disposition

    Afer hours of test I didn' succeed how
    to catch the result of originate_disposition


    I have this extensions in my dialplan

             <extension name="internal_test">
                    <condition field="${sip_to_uri}" expression="^(999\d{10})@$${domain}$">
                            <action inline="true" application="set" data="nibble_account="/>
                            <action inline="true" application="set" data="nibble_rate="/>
                            <action inline="true" application="set" data="dialed_extension=$1"/>
                    <condition field="${from_admin_services}" expression="^true$" break="never">
                            <action application="set" data="ignore_early_media=true"/>
                            <action application="set" data="hangup_after_bridge=false"/>
                            <action application="set" data="continue_on_fail=true"/>
                            <action application="bridge" data="{sip_append_audio_sdp='a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000',sip_invite_domain=${sip_from_host},nibble_account=,nibble_rate=,origination_caller_id_name=${caller_id_name},origination_caller_id_number=${caller_id_number,}}user/${dialed_extension}"/>
            <extension name="internal_test_tools">
                    <condition field="${originate_disposition}" expression="^SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT$" break="on-true">
                            <action application="phrase" data="bad_ob_prepaid_dest"/>
                            <action application="transfer" data="ob_prepaid_call XML features"/>
                            <action application="info"/>
                    <condition field="${cond(expr(${originate_disposition} != NORMAL_CLEARING) ? YES : NO)}" expression="^YES$"/>
                    <condition field="${cond(expr(${originate_disposition} != SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT) ? YES : NO)}" expression="^YES$">
                            <action application="ring_ready"/>
                            <action application="sleep" data="2000"/>
                            <action application="answer"/>
                            <action application="sleep" data="1400"/>
                            <action application="voicemail" data="default $${domain} ${dialed_extension}"/>


    I tried to merge it in one extension without success also.
    where is the trick ? :)


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