[Freeswitch-users] Advise on FS core dump

fieldpeak fieldpeak at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 12:39:09 MSD 2011

Hi Friends,

i'm using mod_nibblebill for billing on FS, i bundled event processing
fucntions when status change,
e.g. /* on_routing */ check_billing_before_routing,
and * on_hangup */ process_hangup, as below,
however, i found if i make a call containing two-legs e.g. user 1001 call
user 1002, then the FS core dump. but if i only make one leg call, e.g. call
888 for IVR, then no problem occure, i found the problem within function
"check_billing_before_routing" (because once i comment all of lines within
this func, the core did not dump). below is the func
"check_billing_before_routing", can anyone help advise what's wrong? how
should i correct it, thanks.

static switch_status_t check_billing_before_routing(switch_core_session_t
    //charles, check billing before routing the call

    char buf[128];
    char cmd[100] = "check_billing_before_answer";
    FILE *pp = NULL;

    const char* in_username = NULL;
    const char* in_calledstation = NULL;
    const char* in_uniqueid = NULL;
    const char* in_network_addr = NULL;
    const char* in_type = "9";
    int is_b;

    //const char* full_cmd;
    int i_continue = 1;
    switch_channel_t *channel = NULL;

    in_uniqueid = switch_core_session_get_uuid(session);

    channel = switch_core_session_get_channel(session);

    /*only billing on a leg*/
    is_b = channel && switch_channel_get_originator_caller_profile(channel);
    printf("is_b is: %d\n", is_b);

    /* Lock this session's data for this module while we tinker with it */
    if (globals.mutex) {

    in_username = switch_channel_get_variable(channel, "caller_id_number");
    in_calledstation = switch_channel_get_variable(channel,
    in_network_addr = switch_channel_get_variable(channel, "network_addr");

    /* Done checking - release lock */
    if (globals.mutex) {

    switch_log_printf(SWITCH_CHANNEL_LOG, SWITCH_LOG_INFO,
"check_billing_before_routing, in_username: %s, in_calledstation: %s,
in_uniqueid: %s in_type: %s, in_network_addr: %s \n", in_username,
in_calledstation, in_uniqueid, in_type, in_network_addr);

    strcat(cmd, " ");
    strcat(cmd, in_username);
    strcat(cmd, " ");
    strcat(cmd, in_calledstation);
    strcat(cmd, " ");
    strcat(cmd, in_uniqueid);
    strcat(cmd, " ");
    strcat(cmd, in_type);
    strcat(cmd, " ");
    strcat(cmd, in_network_addr);

    printf("excute external cmd: ");

    if( (pp = popen(cmd, "r")) == NULL )
        printf("popen() error!\n");

    while(fgets(buf, sizeof buf, pp))
        printf("the result of excuting external cmd: %s", buf);


    i_continue =  atoi(buf);

    printf("i_continue: %d", i_continue);

    if (!i_continue) {

SWITCH_LOG_INFO, "call was not authorized to continue \n");

        transfer_call(session, globals.nobal_action);



Core dump logs:

freeswitch at freeswitch> 2011-10-24 16:30:26.583369 [NOTICE] mod_xml_rpc.c:969
Starting HTTP Port 8787, DocRoot [/usr/local/freeswitch/htdocs]
2011-10-24 16:30:29.454743 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:1337 SIP auth challenge
(INVITE) on sofia profile 'internal' for [6628 at] from ip
2011-10-24 16:30:30.254710 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:897 New Channel
sofia/internal/8068 at [196a50b8-eaa0-4ef0-a674-18602117f5ec]
is_b is: 0
excute external cmd: check_billing_before_answer 8068 6628
196a50b8-eaa0-4ef0-a674-18602117f5ec 9
2011-10-24 16:30:30.254710 [INFO] mod_nibblebill.c:1017
check_billing_before_routing, in_username: 8068, in_calledstation: 6628,
in_uniqueid: 196a50b8-eaa0-4ef0-a674-18602117f5ec in_type: 9,
the result of excuting external cmd:
the result of excuting external cmd: 60
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[root at freeswitch bin]#

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