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Mi Ke mi.ke at null.net
Sat Oct 8 22:33:12 MSD 2011

Hi !

 I originate call from lua script by the following command:

 local ob_session = freeswitch.Session("{originate_timeout=120,return_ring_ready=true,origination_caller_id_number=" .. calling_id .. ",called_id=" .. called_id .. ",accountcode=" .. accountcode .. ",credit_time=" .. out_credit_time .. ",execute_on_answer=lua b_answer.lua}" .. out_called_id,session)

 My iface IP is, origination_caller_id_number is my calling ID (55555) and out_called_id = sofia/internal/1212121212 at

 Leg B setup and bridging goes normally, when remote party disconnects, we receive:

tport_wakeup_pri(0x81c1a0): events IN
tport_recv_iovec(0x81c1a0) msg 0x7f28386348a0 from (udp/ ) has 425 bytes, veclen = 1
tport_deliver(0x81c1a0): msg 0x7f28386348a0 (425 bytes) from udp/  next=(nil)
nta: received BYE sip:mod_sofia at http://sip:mod_sofia@  http://sip:mod_sofia@ 5060 http://sip:mod_sofia@  SIP/2.0 (CSeq 48765)
nta: canonizing sip:mod_sofia at http://sip:mod_sofia@  with contact
nta: BYE (48765) going to existing leg
nua: nua_stack_process_request: entering
nua(0x94c4a0): event i_bye 100 Trying
nua: nua_application_event: entering
2011-10-08 14:54:48.866309 [DEBUG] switch_core_session.c:872 Send signal sofia/internal/ 841266482056 at .1.1.1 [BREAK]
nua: nua_handle_magic: entering
2011-10-08 14:54:48.886307 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:2800 (sofia/internal/ 841266482056 at .1.1.1) Callstate Change ACTIVE -> HANGUP

 (normal bye handshake follows...)

 Should remote party see me as sip:55555 at and not as sip:mod_sofia at ? What info should I include into session originate to acheive that?

 Thanks / Mike
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