[Freeswitch-users] How I can get recog result

Kirill Popov popov-k at speechpro.com
Thu Oct 6 13:44:24 MSD 2011


I am just starting to learn FreeSWITCH few days ago.
Before I have some experience in Asterisk and now I don't understand 

I try to use module mod_unimrcp in FreeSWITCH.
I made simple dialplan and starting recognition
<action application="detect_speech" data="unimrcp /usr/local/
It works.

I see NLSML in console FS, but I don't understand how I can use it.
In Asterisk NLSML-answer set in variable ${RECOG_RESULT}. How in FS?
There isn't such variable.

In Asterisk I can get this variable from perl-script, parse it, and
get utterance, confidence, etc. How I can get these parameters in FS?

Best regards,

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