[Freeswitch-users] mod_cdr_pg_csv not loading automatically

Cliff Wells cliff at develix.com
Wed Oct 5 23:11:28 MSD 2011

I have this in modules.conf.xml:

    <!-- Event Handlers -->
    <load module="mod_cdr_pg_csv"/>
    <!-- <load module="mod_cdr_csv"/> -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_cdr_sqlite"/> -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_event_multicast"/> -->
    <load module="mod_event_socket"/>
    <!-- <load module="mod_event_zmq"/> -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_zeroconf"/> -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_erlang_event"/> -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_snmp"/> -->

but mod_cdr_pg doesn't autoload.  However, if I use fs_cli and "load
mod_cdr_pg_csv", it loads and works fine.

This is a fresh install from git yesterday.  Unfortunately I can't
restart FS until tonight (it's a production system) to see the startup
messages, but I wonder if anyone has seen this type of behavior (my
older system didn't have this issue).

Scientific Linux 6.1 x86_64.


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