[Freeswitch-users] Sofia ODBC causes multiple b-legs on a single call

R H buscom123+fs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 23:14:59 MSD 2011

Hey Everyone,

I am preparing to set up HA Failover to my production freeswitch
environment. In preparation for this I have been doing some testing in a
development environment and I encountered the following problem:

I currently have two sip-profiles set up that I am using full time, when I
enable odbc in the switch.conf.xml everything works correctly. When I enable
odbc in ONE of the sip-profiles everything works correctly. But when I
enable odbc in the second profile I begin to see two b-legs for ever call
that I initiate. Both b-legs are directed at the same client.

Does anyone have any idea why enabling odbc on two sofia profiles would
cause every inbound call to generate two outbound calls? I also decided to
test this problem by adding two more profiles for a total of 4. With 4
profiles I get 4 b-legs. What am I doing wrong?

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