[Freeswitch-users] t38-passthru sofia param

Spencer Thomason spencer at 5ninesolutions.com
Thu Jun 30 22:40:18 MSD 2011

Hello all,
I have a few questions regarding the t38-passthru sofia param.  One of the ways we are using FreeSWITCH is as a simple B2BUA in our SBCs.  The topology looks like this:

                                                /\          \/
FS and Asterisk boxen -> OpenSIPS -> PSTN

The Freeswitch instance is setup with inbound late negotiation and bypass media = true and the dialplan consists of a very simple bridge statement that sends a call back to the proxy.  

The problem is that when someone sends a fax and the GW send a t.38 reINVITE, Freeswitch is sending the original SDP (PCMU in this case) back to Leg A and the fax then fails using PCMU.  Is this parameter needed when bypass media is already enabled?


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