[Freeswitch-users] SIP 100 response and media

Boris Kovalenko boris at tagnet.ru
Thu Jun 30 09:00:43 MSD 2011


     I have a customers with Cisco 2821 which want to use IVR on it. He 
has configured Cisco and told me there is no voice when number is 
called. The configuration is:

Cisco 2821 <-- FreeSwitch (full proxy mode) --> PSTN

I looked at tcpdump and the call flow is:
FS (INVITE) --> Cisco 2821
Cisco 2821 (100 Trying) --> FS
Cisco 2821 (RTP) --> FS

I think the call flow is wrong in that case and SIP100 can not go 
throught Freeswitch 
(http://jdrosen.net/papers/draft-donovan-mmusic-183-00.txt) and there 
should be SIP180 to get it work. But customers said this is OK and he 
has no troubles with same configuration with other provider. What may I 
do in this sutiation? Any specific Freeswitch configuration?

P.S. FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.head (git-1c95ad9 2011-01-20 22-43-50 -0300)


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