[Freeswitch-users] Public users with internal sip profiles

Bryan Smart bryansmart at bryansmart.com
Thu Jun 30 08:48:32 MSD 2011

I'd like both authenticated and unauthenticated users to connect to the same IP and port. I will separate them by dialplan contexts.

At the moment, only authenticated users can connect to the internal sip profile.

I have a "default" user in the directory. Its password is blank, and I've set it to use the public dialplan context. I thought that would cause unauthenticated users connecting to the internal sip profile to be authenticated as the "default" user.

Instead, the console says:

Rejected by ACL "domains". Falling back to digest auth.

This is all I'm told, even at log level 9.

I read about the acls. They seem to cause authentication based on the network address, so I thought they might be blocking connections as the "default" user. They don't seem to block connections to the external sip profile, though.

The default internal sip profile is an extremely long read. I've been through it more than a few times, but still don't understand a lot of it. I can disable authentication completely, but I need it to be optional. Are the settings that I want in the sip profile?

Thanks for any clues.


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