[Freeswitch-users] UniMRCP Server as daemon won't connect RTSP

Jason Moran jmoran at secureachsystems.com
Tue Jun 28 01:52:47 MSD 2011

I've been playing around with IVONA's new unimrcp plugin with unimrcp
1.0.0 (r1725) on OpenSuse 11.4


Anyway, when I start it up with the following, it stays in the
foreground of my SSH w/ the following command:


That works! However, since it's in the foreground when I close the SSH
window, it kills the process.


If I use the so-called daemon mode (-d or --daemon) it says it is going
into daemon mode, but FS will immediately return that it "Failed to
Connect to RTSP Server..." at the IP:port I specified. The unimrcpserver
process is running, but doesn't seem to respond to anything.

./unimrcpserver -d

./unimrcpserver --daemon


If I attempt to background it by either using "&" or ctrl-z it says [1]+
Stopped  ./unimrcpserver and FS will successfully make the RTSP
connection but then nothing will happen. Mod_unimrcp will spit out a
warning about "MRCP session has not opened after 5000 ms"

./unimrcpserver &

Those are hard to kill. But when I kill -9 it then FS will finally
remove the MRCP handle and tell me that it couldn't allocate the speech


Lastly, I can nohup it, but then unimrcpserver eats up 95%+ of the CPU
(instead of 1-3% as it does when I have it in the foreground), which it
does not do when it runs in any other modes. It also makes a very, very
large nohup.out file that keeps on growing. Even if I tell it to not

nohup ./unimrcpserver &

nohup ./unimrcpserver -o 0 &



Jason Moran


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