[Freeswitch-users] Removing SDP from 183/180

Artur Cichocki acichocki at supermedia.pl
Sun Jun 26 12:07:10 MSD 2011

Hi All.

I didn't get any response from fs-dev moderator for one month so it goes 

I just wrote this patch. It ads 'sip_remove_183sdp' flag, which removes 
SDP from 183 and returns 180 (it also removes SDP from 180, because FS
changes 180 with SDP to 183).

To turn it on add {sip_remove_183sdp=true} to the dial string.

Why? Because in some situations we don't want to transfer voice between 
clients before a real call establishment (and yes, I know that early 
media in this stage is allowed by RFC).

Real case:
Try to setup two clients, one of them using Sipdroid. Turn on bypass 
mode. Try to call to Sipdroid client, you will hear caller voice 
together with the ring (because Sipdroid sends 180 with SDP, and puts 
voice on the speaker).

Patch attached.

Artur Cichocki

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