[Freeswitch-users] How to deal with user pressing extra keys? flush_dtmf? session::flushDigits?

Wes wes-fs at 499x.com
Fri Jun 24 23:51:03 MSD 2011

I'm writing an ivr script in lua, and using playAndGetDigits in a couple 
different places.  Both places just take a single digit to continue on. 
If the user presses 2 digits, it seems as if the second digit is being 
queued and it's being processed in the next call to playAndGetDigits.  
Often the extra digit is invalid, so when it tells the user to press a 
certain key, it follows immediately with the message "invalid key", due 
to the extra key being in the "queue"...

is this anything I can protect against?   I found a flush_dtmf, but it 
is not very documented:

and I also found this:

but calling it before and after playAndGetDigits didn't *seem* to 
help... should it?

script here:

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