[Freeswitch-users] FS and ASR engine

Hector Geraldino Hector.Geraldino at ip-soft.net
Wed Jun 22 18:54:41 MSD 2011

Hi everyone,

I want to check with you guys to see if anyone has experience integrating FreeSwitch with an ASR engine, and using the engine as a merely transcriber of the conversation.

I've been playing for the past two weeks or so with Nuance Speech Server/recognizer and pocketsphinx. Nuance is by far a better solution, but due to the lack of freely available documentation and my short expertise in this subject, I haven't been to achieve my goal.

The communication between FS and the ASR engine works great using MCRP, my concern is with the ASR engine itself. I want to allow the user to speak freely, and get a transcription of what the user said. I don't want or need to understand what the meaning of the utterances are (definitely the engine doesn't need to do that), also I don't need/want to write any complex grammar or SLM to get an interpretation of the spoken phrases, I just want the plain text of what has been said. No decisions will be taken based on what the user said, this information will just be passed to a 3rd application.

I don't know if this can be achieved or not without developing grammars (not suitable for open-ended dialogs) or training statistical language models. What I do recall is using Dragon Speak in MS word for dictation, without the need of doing some trtraining or developing grammars. That's exactly what I'm pursuing: a simple plain text transcription of the spoken words.

Have anyone of you deal with something like this by any chance?

Thanks for your help. I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this type of questions.

Thanks again,
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