[Freeswitch-users] Modified Follow me

Alessandro a.luppi at seletech.com
Tue Jun 21 18:09:32 MSD 2011


i'd like to implement this particular behaviour. If I call an extension 
that isn't registered to FS, FS re-route the call to another 
destination. If also the second destination in unreachable the call end. 
I first used the follow me (created with fusionpbx) to implement this 
feature, but I have the following problem: if the first extension is 
reachable and the user hangup before answering (hangup in ringing), the 
follow me procedure starts to contact the second extension in the list. 
I want that FS start to contact the second phone only if the first 
extension isn't registered to FS.
The second problem is that with follow-me FS answer with 200 OK at the 
invite of the caller bypassing the ringing status, than the procedure of 
follow-me is transparent to the caller.
I'd like that the caller stay in ringing status until one of the 
destination extension answer at the call or the call is closed by FS.
Any suggestion?


Alessandro Luppi

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