[Freeswitch-users] One way audio with Localphone .com

Henk Oegema henk at oegema.com
Tue Jun 14 14:50:31 MSD 2011

I'm in the process of changing from Asterisk to Freeswitch (Version
1.0.head (git-0675b59 2011-06-06 21-28-14 -0500)).
I have a problem with one way audio, when using Localphone.com with FS.
(Audio is OK both way with localphone.com in Asterisk). (Audio is also
OK bothway in FS with powervoip.com and jumblo.com)

mobile -> Localphone.com -> FS   audio is OK
FS -> Localphone.com -> mobile   audio NOK

My setup is a little bit specific :  internet -> internetmodem ->
(ip: router1 -> switch ->(ip: router2 ->
(ip: FS server
Explanation of above line;
router1 has external-ip:
router1 gives router2  external-ip:
router2 gives FS server internal-ip:

When I connect to localphone.com with Asterisk, I see:
Device name: Asterisk PBX
Status: Online
Received IP address:
Contact IP address:  <----------!!

When I connect to localphone.com with FS, I see:
Device name: FreeSWITCH-mod_sofia/1.0.head-git-0675b59.....
Received IP address:
Contact IP address:  <-----------??

It looks to me that the one way audio has to do with the Contact IP
address: (???)
Is it possible to change a setting in FS so that Localphone.com will get
Contact IP address: ? (may be this solves the problem)

(I don't think (?) it has to do with port-forwarding, since all audio is
ok with Asterisk)


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