[Freeswitch-users] originating a call from an outbound socket app

Hector Geraldino Hector.Geraldino at ip-soft.net
Mon Jun 13 20:37:33 MSD 2011

Hi Michael,

I finally figure out how to connect both calls using the command 'intercept'. From the inbound call (handled by the OB socket) I just do an execute intercept legB uuid, and both calls are bridged perfectly.  Thanks very much.

So the only thing that stills concerns me is why the event CHANNEL_ANSWER is always generated on the outbound call (legb), even if the user doesn't pick up the call. Also I can't find any differences on the CHANNEL_CALLSTATE or CALL_UPDATE events that allows me to determine when an outbound call generated from FS is actually answered or not.

BTW, I bought the FS 1.0.6 book on Amazon last week and I want to congratulate you and Anthony/Darren for the excellent work you've done, it has been really helpful.  My only complaint is that it doesn't have an eBook format so I can read it on my Kindle. Besides that, great work.

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On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 7:00 AM, Hector Geraldino <Hector.Geraldino at ip-soft.net<mailto:Hector.Geraldino at ip-soft.net>> wrote:
Thanks for your response Michael.

Finally I found the way of dialing to an external extension. What I did was just open a shell, listen in a port using nc  and tried to originate a call. It worked using the syntax:

originate sofia/internal/5562 at<mailto:5562 at> &park

As this is an outbound call (not managed by the socket application) I had to use a new inbound socket connection to connect to FS, make the call, query for the uuid and receive some events (like DTMF among others).  Everything was going great, until I found two issues:

-          The CHANNEL_ANSWER event is always triggered, no matter if the call is actually picked up or not on my phone. I thought that maybe I can use some other event to determine if the call have been answered or not (like CHANNEL_CALLSTATE or CALL_UPDATE), but the additional information on the event headers is the same no matter if it's answered or not.

-          When the call is answered, and the user presses a key to accept the call, the function returns the UUID of this session to the main method. Then I tried to make the bridge between the two calls (the legA call handled by the socket application, and the legB outbound call generated in the application using an inbound connection). I using the command

api uuid_bridge <incoming_uuid> <outbound_uuid>

but this didn't work. Am I missing something here?
You're missing the debug log on the pastebin. ;)

Yeah, let's take a look at the debug log of this happening. Capture from the beginning of the a leg all the way through to trying the uuid_bridge.

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