[Freeswitch-users] Voicemail Message - How t know how many areread & how many are unread in Inbox

sharad sharad at coraltele.com
Fri Jun 10 09:17:35 MSD 2011

Thanks for your reply..

vm_boxcount is not helping me. I think I did not explain my query correctly. 
Let me explain again -

There are some messages in INBOX of a user. Some of them are read & some of 
them are new which are not read. As of now, FS marks a message as SAVED 
message when user dials 2 while listening or does not dial anything.

But in my case, neither user dialed 2 to save the msg, nor he waited for 
auto save. rather waiting, user pressed the corresponding DTMF for next 
listening message. means user has read but this mesaage is not saved.

So my query is - Is there any way to differentiate between READ / UNREAD 
messages while messages are INBOX only.

Hope it is clear now.

Thanks & regards

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> On 9 June 2011 19:43, Robert Hadley <robert.hadley at teotech.com> wrote:
>> vm_boxcount user at domain|[new|saved|new-urgent|saved-urgent|all]]
>> freeswitch at internal> vm_boxcount 2002 at 192.168.xx.xx|all
>> 5:0:0:0
> Hmm, i thought vm_boxcount is broken resp. means something different -
> only displays 0 on the mailbox above(While there is 1 new and 1 saved
> msg, as displayed by vm_list) :-/

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