[Freeswitch-users] CISCO 2811 - FreeSwitch - IVR

Schenk, Oliver OSchenk at wnr.com.au
Fri Jun 10 08:19:57 MSD 2011

Hey all,


I have successfully managed the following setup ... at least to a
certain extent.


Phone line -> CISCO VIC2-4FXO -> CISCO 2811 -> Sip -> Windows Server
2008 -> FreeSwitch -> Managed IVR (IAppPlugin)


When I dial say the phone line's number (49794) it connects me to
extension 1024 which has the managed C#.NET IVR sitting behind it. That
works fine while everything is happy. However, when I hang up my phone.
My IVR is still happily talking to no one until the relevant timeouts
expire. Is this the normal way to implement it? Just wait for timeout?
Or do I have some CISCO configuration issues?


Shouldn't the CISCO tell FreeSwitch that "Hey ... the guy on the line
has put down his phone receiver so you can end your session now."?



Any comments?


voice-port 0/3/0

 input gain 10

 output attenuation 10

 no comfort-noise

 cptone AU

 connection plar opx 1024

 impedance complex1


voice-port 0/3/1


voice-port 0/3/2


voice-port 0/3/3






dial-peer voice 2 voip

 destination-pattern .T

 session protocol sipv2

 session target sip-server

 session transport udp

 dtmf-relay rtp-nte

 codec g711ulaw

 no vad




 credentials username 1000 password * ******* realm default

 authentication username 1000 password * ********

 retry invite 2

 retry register 10

 timers connect 100

 registrar ipv4:192.168.255.**:5060 expires 3600

 sip-server ipv4:192.168.255.**:5060






Oliver Schenk


Control Systems Engineer


WestNet Rail


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