[Freeswitch-users] Conceptual/design question - per gateway/DTMF & PSQL

Mike Taylor mtaylor at employees.org
Thu Jun 9 12:42:58 MSD 2011

Thanks both for the pointers,

I've got close to 60 gateways under my internal profile, so tweaking the 
database is definitely preferable to editing xml files (for me)

I've found some excellent documentation on lcr.conf.xml, custom SQL 
queries, and exporting extra variables.
  I tested, then modified my default mod_lcr query, just to simplify 
things, extended my carrier.gateway schema, and successfully (according 
to debugs, set several dtmf related variables.

So it looks like it might be working in the lab, on Git (about a week 
old), so I'll see what happens with more testing (which options work 
etc). I'm not clear on dtmf and dtmf_relay interaction, so that'll be 
the next thing to nail I think.

Hopefully, once this works, I can offer all sorts of options.

Thanks again, excellent help, your replies let me search for what I needed.


On 8/06/2011 7:59 p.m., Steven Ayre wrote:
> The dtmf_type channel variable can be used to override the profile's 
> dtmf setting. Valid settings are rf2833, info and none. Inband would 
> be more complex, as you'd need to call the 
> start_dtmf_generate application, not sure how you could easily 
> integrate that with mod_lcr. Possibly using the execute_on_x family of 
> channel variables. mod_lcr would need to use custom sql to get the 
> additional dtmf variable.
> As David pointed out, mod_lcr already lets you set the codec list for 
> a gateway. late-negotiation isn't *required*, but could be useful. 
> Without it the aleg will pick a codec, then you'll dial out with the 
> codec list to the gateway and transcode if needed. With it, the aleg 
> doesn't pick the codec until the bleg has picked one - which may make 
> transcoding less likely.
> You could also setup the gateways as sofia gateways, set the 
> codec/dtmf variables on the gateway and have mod_lcr return the 
> sofia/gateway/gwname/ prefix.
> A lot of the behaviour in terms of mod_lcr, execute_on_x etc has 
> changed since 1.0.6 so you might find you have to upgrade to get some 
> of the newer features.
> -Steve
> On 8 June 2011 02:46, Mike Taylor <mtaylor at employees.org 
> <mailto:mtaylor at employees.org>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I hope that I've taught myself enough over the last few weeks that
>     this isn't a blindingly stupid question…
>     I am providing services to multiple customers on FS 1.0.6
>     I have a basic setup; (which I have inherited, hence the basic
>     questions);
>     AS5350--------<external>----- FS-----<internal>------customer GW(s)
>     (No Registration)(No Registration)
>     All of the GW info is pulled from a PSWL database. Carriers,
>     carrier_id, lcr table etc.
>     The bit I am missing is;
>     If all of my GW config is in the PSQL database, and that's all
>     accessed by mod_lcr before routing the call, how do I allow for
>     different DTMF types, codecs etc, PER CUSTOMER GW ?
>     Am I stuck with actually defining the gateways statically under
>     /etc/freeswitch/conf/sip_profiles/ (or I see I can doit in the
>     dialplan, but that won't achieve what I need)
>     I was hoping to be able to pull the DTMF (and other misc info)
>     from the database, but the more I look into it,  the less likely
>     it is that this will work I think. (mod_lcr is already at the
>     routing stage, can't modify DTMF at that point AFAIK)
>     Like I said, hope the question isn't so obvious that it's crazy…
>     Regards,
>     Mike
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