[Freeswitch-users] IP Whitelist

Eric Beard eric at loopfx.com
Wed Jun 8 23:11:34 MSD 2011

It seems I misunderstand the purpose of the acl.conf.xml file.

What I want to do is create an IP whitelist, so only the IPs I designate get a response from FreeSwitch.  I'd like to do this with FreeSwitch rather than a firewall.

I have this in acl.conf.xml:

    <list name="domains" default="deny">
      <!-- domain= is special it scans the domain from the directory to build the ACL -->
      <node type="allow" domain="$${domain}"/>
      <!-- use cidr= if you wish to allow ip ranges to this domains acl. -->
      <node type="allow" cidr=""/>

      <!-- Broadvox DID -->
      <node type="allow" cidr=""/>

I was assuming that this would only allow traffic from my local network,, and from the single IP

But while watching sip traffic, I saw an OPTIONS request from a different IP (sipvicious scan).  Freeswitch happily responded to the OPTIONS with an OK.

How can I configure it so that it ignores requests that are not on my whitelist?


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