[Freeswitch-users] Conceptual/design question - per gateway/DTMF & PSQL

Mike Taylor mtaylor at employees.org
Wed Jun 8 05:46:21 MSD 2011


I hope that I've taught myself enough over the last few weeks that this
isn't a blindingly stupid questionŠ

I am providing services to multiple customers on FS 1.0.6

I have a basic setup; (which I have inherited, hence the basic questions);

AS5350--------<external>----- FS-----<internal>------customer GW(s)
(No Registration) (No Registration)

All of the GW info is pulled from a PSWL database. Carriers, carrier_id, lcr
table etc.

The bit I am missing is;

If all of my GW config is in the PSQL database, and that's all accessed by
mod_lcr before routing the call, how do I allow for different DTMF types,
codecs etc, PER CUSTOMER GW ?

Am I stuck with actually defining the gateways statically under
/etc/freeswitch/conf/sip_profiles/ (or I see I can doit in the dialplan, but
that won't achieve what I need)

I was hoping to be able to pull the DTMF (and other misc info) from the
database, but the more I look into it,  the less likely it is that this will
work I think. (mod_lcr is already at the routing stage, can't modify DTMF at
that point AFAIK)

Like I said, hope the question isn't so obvious that it's crazyŠ


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