[Freeswitch-users] fs_cli socket connection error

deniro ayhkor at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 03:53:59 MSK 2011

What would be possible reasons for this and how to resolve?
running fs 106 on ubuntu 10.04 server

/opt/freeswitch/bin/fs_cli -H xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -P 8021
[ERROR] libs/esl/fs_cli.c:1206 main() Error Connecting [Socket Connection
was working fine before I installed  mod_xml_cdr
configure --prefix=/opt/freeswitch --without-libcurl
make mod_xml_cdr-install
(no errors)

in modules.conf.xml
<load module="mod_event_socket"/>

is there a packaged version of mod_xml_cdr (for fs 1.0.6)?

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