[Freeswitch-users] audio<->T38 gateway problem

Clemens Ebentheuer ce at kapper.net
Sat Feb 26 01:25:00 MSK 2011


if you want g711->FS->t38 you have to export (not set) execute_on_answer=t38_gateway peer

in this direction for me works:

<condition field="destination_number" expression="^(567)$">
       <action application="export" data="fax_enable_t38=true"/>
       <action application="export" data="fax_enable_t38_request=true"/>
       <action application="export" data="execute_on_answer=t38_gateway peer"/>
       <action application="transfer" data="765 XML default"/>
       <action application="hangup"/>

In t38->FS->g711 direction I´m struggling too in another thread ;-)


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Hi All,

I have a FreeSwitch box running FreeSWITCH version: 1.0.head (git-c6e7988 2010-12-09 14-25-39 -0600) under CentOS 5.5.

I need freeswitch act as a gateway with G711 in one side an T38 in the other: Caller:G711--->FreeSwitch--->Callee:T38

I tried several variations of dialplans without success and was hoping someone could help me, the call stablishes in G711 and I could not find a way to switch to t38.

My current dialplan follows:

<condition field="destination_number" expression=".*" break="on-true">
          <action application="set" data="fax_enable_t38=true"/>
          <action application="set" data="execute_on_answer=t38_gateway peer"/>
          <action application="set" data="hangup_after_bridge=true"/>
          <action application="set" data="progress_timeout=10"/>
          <action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_name=0000"/>
          <action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_number=0000"/>
          <action application="set" data="execute_on_answer=sched_hangup +9000 alloted_timeout"/>
          <action application="bridge" data="sofia/testfax/1234 at<mailto:1234 at>"/>

Thank you,

Wesley Akio
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