[Freeswitch-users] PlayAndGetDigits parameters

Malay Thakershi mthakershi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 20:34:51 MSK 2011

Recently I upgraded to latest GIT version and found there was an extra
parameter to this function.

I have two questions if someone can explain:

--> 4th parameter
* timeout = Number of milliseconds to wait once the file is done playing
before you type a digit.
>From the name, I alway thought this had to do with user's inactivity at the
prompt. So if value is 3000, after 3 seconds of inactivity prompt will
either do a retry or move on.
But I think from wiki description, it seems # of milliseconds for which data
entry will be blocked, am I correct?

--> 10th parameter
* digit_timeout = Number of milliseconds to wait after DTMF ( Added
What does this do? Is it # ms to wait before second digit can be pressed?

I have following function in mod_managed code.

                        pStrLivePreObInput =
mObjMainSession.PlayAndGetDigits(5, 5, 3, 5000, "",
                        pStrObGreetTextFile.Replace(".txt", ".wav"),

                        "^\\d", "", 3000);

Does that mean user has to wait 5 seconds before a key entry can be
And there has to be 3 seconds gap between each key?

If so, I will need to redo the timing. Please let me know.

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