[Freeswitch-users] Receive order guarantee for bgapi command replies over ESL?

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Thu Feb 24 23:44:28 MSK 2011

Just curious - what is the use case where sending a stack of bgapi's without
listening for the reply is more desirable than looping through the bgapi
send/reply sequence for each one? I'm no super programmer but it seems to me
that blindly relying on another system to always send stuff in the exact
correct order is dangerous and may cause bugs that are difficult to
diagnose. Personally I would consider it a programming best practice to wait
for the response of the bgapi before sending another one.

I invite other socket programmers to give their input...


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2011/2/24 Mauritz Løvgren <mauritz.lovgren at hotmail.com>

>   Hi,
> Are replies for bgapi commands sent back to an inbound socket connection in
> the same order as the commands were sent?
> Example: sending 10 bgapi messages from client to freeswitch socket with no
> delay inbetween.
> Will the response for those command messages be sent back by freeswitch in
> the exact same order as their commands were received, or should one wait for
> each reply before sending a new bgapi command to be sure one gets a reply
> for the correct command?
> If there was an option of providing a UUID (or sequenceId) for the command,
> it would be easier to match the reply with the request upon receival, but
> this doesn’t seem to be possible with the current implementation?
> Regards,
> Mauritz Lovgren
> Systems Architect
> IPLink Inc.
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