[Freeswitch-users] OpenSER interface to FreeSWITCH

Jason b.a k-b-24 at live.com
Wed Feb 23 00:40:51 MSK 2011

1- i need an IVR application separated from the media server
2- the application server should control the media server using MSCML , VXML or any control protocol
i know it is easier to use the embedded IVR in freeswitch, but this is not my case.
Beside by using openSER between the application and the media server ==> openSER can interface with Freeswitch through socket interface,to control it ! 
i dont know if the sip sophia interface can handle the request from the application , and pass it to the core for processing, and generate a responce and
pass it through the same interface, so here no need for OpenSER
if we took this example:
1-Caller call IVR application 
2-Application as media server to play welcome message and to collect digit
3-caller enter digits
4-media server pass the digits to the application
5-application bridge caller and callee together  		 	   		  
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