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Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Tue Feb 22 22:57:34 MSK 2011

On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 4:29 PM, Christian Hiller <christian at yellox.de>wrote:

> hello Erik,
> i have set
> <action application="set" data="my_var=123"/>
> <action application="set" data="session_in_hangup_hook=true"/>
> <action application="set" data="api_hangup_hook=jsrun cleanup.js
> ${my_var}"/>
> <action application="javascript" data="routing.js"/>
> The channel_variable ${my_var} gets updated in routing.js but whenever
> cleanup.js is executed, then ${my_var} still has the old value of 123.
> Why that?
At the time that the api_hangup_hook=jsrun cleanup.js ${my_var} action is
parsed, the value of ${my_var} is "123" so that is what is set. The good
news is that if you have session_in_hangup_hook set to true you should be
able to see the updated value of my_var. I'm afraid I don't see any wiki
examples of how to do this in Javascript. Does anyone have a code sample of
how to access the channel variables in a js hangup hook when
session_in_hangup_hook is true?

For reference, the Lua method is shown here:

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