[Freeswitch-users] FS gateway which registers into FS

Shigeru Kanemoto sgk at ppona.com
Sun Feb 20 19:32:29 MSK 2011


I am new to FreeSWITCH and having a headache configuring it. My
experiences to Asterisk do not work completely. I appreciate your

I am trying to setup a central SIP server which accepts registers from
subsidiary SIP servers which is behind NAT and has no fixed IP
address. Each subsidiary servers have extension number ranges. I have
to route such extension ranges to each SIP servers.

FS central server
   <--- (NAT) --- Server A (ext. 1000 - 1099)
   <--- (NAT) --- Server B (ext. 1100 - 1199)
   <--- (NAT) --- Phone ext. 1201
   <--- (NAT) --- Phone ext. 1202

According to the wiki page
http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Clarification:gateways , I created an
XML file under "conf/directory/default" for a gateway setting inside a
<user> block. In my configuration, the gateway setting is parsed in
the profile "internal".

My current problem is the dialplan "bridge" application does not work
to bridge to the destination like "sofia/gateway/server-a/1001". The
call terminates after printing a log message like "[NOTICE]
sofia.c:5082 Hangup sofia/internal/1001 [CS_CONSUME_MEDIA]

What is my mistake? Is it wrong to use the "gateway" feature for such purpose?


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